Cosmographia Books, in conjunction with, is hosting a monthly poetry contest. One poem a month will receive publication and $50. 

We are also hosting a quarterly chapbook contest. Prize is $250 and publication.

You can also submit your manuscript (any genre) to Cosmographia Books general submissions. is a poetry site founded in 2007 with over 380,000 views and 1,000 subscribers. Cosmographia Books is a publisher founded in 2013 by Nina Alvarez. This is a conjunction of the two projects coming together.


Any poetry style is fine, including prose poems, hybrid, multi-media, and experimental.

Length doesn't matter. As long as it is ready to publish (edited, complete, formatted how you want it).

NEW: Please submit only 1 poem per document. You can submit up to 3 documents.

Ongoing submission timeline: Submissions are open on a rolling basis. On the 25th of each month I will decide winner from previous 30 days. Winning poem will be published on on the first of the following month.

Once a month I will choose one poem to be published at That poet will receive $50.

Even if you don't win this month, you might next month, so keep submitting. Every round is a new group of submissions, a clean slate. 

No previously published poems. 

No simultaneous submissions. You will notified within the month if your poem is chosen or not. 

CUT-OFF for the October Poem of the Month Contest is 9/23. Poems submitted after 9/23 will be in the November Poem of the Month Contest.


We've reached a time in our collective history when we need, more than ever, art that transcends the small and meaningless and mundane. Art that carries silence and searching and wisdom. Think "Ithaca" by K. P. Kavafis, or "The Journey," by Mary Oliver, "The Lost Son" (my favorite poem of all time) by Theodore Roethke, or "Deathless Aphrodite of the Spangled Mind," by Sappho, or "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning," by Adrienne Rich, or "For the Young Who Want To" by Marge Piercy, or "Brothers" by Lucille Clifton.


I am open to all styles and approaches, including prose-poems, hybrid, multi-media, and experimental.

No length requirements. Just don't send me The Iliad. On second thought, if you've written The Iliad, PLEASE DO send it to me.


No limitations on subject matter, and you certainly don't need to drive home a moral. I'm looking for the experience of transcendence. Not a forced joy, but an allowed opening into something we might call spirit, meaning, love, compassion, transcendence, even if it's through a subterranean dark night of the soul.

Again, any subject is fine, but here are some subjects I tend to love:

  • spiritual ecology
  • transcendence of life after death
  • tarot
  • energy
  • healing
  • mysticism
  • the mysteries of existence
  • the search for meaning
  • the mysteries of childhood, aging, mortality
  • philosophies of life, creativity, and the workings of the universe.
  • humanity/humanism
  • Undertones of the spiritual, strange, surreal, supernatural, sacred: all good.
  • The secular, small, sanctimonious: not so much.

    If you have any questions, please email

Cosmographia Books was founded in 2013 by Nina Alvarez. We are all about soulful work from diverse voices. We co-create books with our authors using a hybrid publishing model and seek authors whose art, spirit, and ethos are in harmony with our own. We accept manuscripts in nearly any genre: fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, hybrid, poetry, etc.

Please submit a query letter with your manuscript.

We charge a $10 reading fee. Every manuscript is reviewed by our 3-person editorial board: Nina Alvarez, Raquel Pidal, and Carolyn Birrittella.


Queries should include the usual: description of your book, author bio, and author platform including past publications, public visibility, and why you're submitting your book to our particular press. We also know that not every author is already famous or experienced, so don't let those things stop you from submitting. Just tell us what you can about yourself as a writer, and about your audience.


Manuscripts should in Word or PDF form, double-spaced with 1" margins, Times New Roman font size 12.


Cosmographia is a hybrid press. Our vetting process is as rigorous as a traditional press, but once a book is chosen for publication, the next steps are more integrative and co-creative than traditional. Plus we do a lot more promotion and marketing that other presses, and want to make sure your book is seen and read.

We make our books available in paperback, eBook, and when appropriate, audiobook.

Authors contribute to the costs of production (so I can pay my designers, marketer, copyeditor, layout person) who are all seasoned professionals. 

In return, author recoups 50% of royalties and can purchase books from us near wholesale price for readings and hand-to-hand and keep all income from those sales.

Costs usually run from $1,000-$3,000, depending on scope of work needed, and most authors pay in monthly installments of $200 or $400. In return our authors are free to give a lot of input and direction in layout, cover design, any other branding, and promotion.

We work closely with our authors to make sure they are happy and that our books and book campaigns look great. So, all in all, we like to call it an integrative, co-creative approach.‚Äč


Our Add-On Payment Options below are based on years of editorial and book promotion experience with clients through Dream Your Book, Nina Alvarez's author services company. Please feel free to ask any questions ahead of time by contacting Nina Alvarez at